What Makes Rezkom Employees Stand Out?

All of Rezkom Enterprise’s field employees wear uniforms that easily identify them to the residents of your communities.

Each also carries an ID badge that further validates their identity! Having familiar and professional staff is one of the many benefits of having an on-site maintenance & porter contract with Rezkom!

Did the winter weather leave its share of potholes on your community’s roads? Pothole repair is one of the many quality services Rezkom provides as part of our on-site porter and maintenance contracts!

Contact us today and start reaping the benefits of having us on site!

After this past winter of frigid temperatures, New Jersey condominium and townhome owners had hundreds of water pipe breaks which led to hundreds of thousands of dollars in remediation costs. Developing a plan to identify and winterize vacant or abandoned units is important to minimizing losses.

Utilize your newsletters and/or association meetings to encourage residents to alert you to these types of units. In the end, the cost and efforts to gain entry to winterize vacant or abandoned units will be much less than the costs of paying insurance deductibles, having increased claim frequency and potential increases in insurance premiums.

Planning on getting any condominium carpentry projects started this season? Perhaps a balcony replacement project like the one we completed here? Rezkom has a team of highly skilled craftsmen who are professionally trained and equipped to handle all of your buildings’ carpentry needs.

Contact us today for more information about the different carpentry services we provide! Our prices are competitive and all our work is fully guaranteed!